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Backup Sump Pump – Why You Need It in Your Home

Homes with a concerning flooding basement have to have sump pumps that run regularly. Water would have the tendency to get into the most in our sump whenever a storm is in progress causing basement flooding. Usually, power goes out during a storm and would have our basement flooding scenario, thus, to avoid this event to happen, we need to have a backup sump pump installed. Homes with basement to be always dry should then have a sump pump that is working all the time.

You have two choices for pumps to use, and the first one is one that uses a 12 volt battery pack and kicks on immediately when there is no electricity in your home during a storm, and the second one which uses water pressure in your home but if your home loses water pressure when there is no electricity, this will not work.
The best choice therefore is a battery backup sump pump because of its variety and thus giving you a better protection in totality. These type of units are designed to be totally powered and set to go when needed thus relieving you of work to do. This unit can just be plugged in continuously even if not being used, and the unit would analyze itself in terms of battery charge as time passes by. With a continuous plugging, the battery is always at full charge so that when power blackouts happen during a storm, this will prove useful if in case you have basement flooding.

Be informed though that the kind of water supply you have in your home will be a determining factor in selecting the best system that will work in your home. Another factor to consider is to have two independent pumps, so that if one would break due to mechanical reasons, you will not have a loss of electricity because of a spare one.

Other than the mentioned backup sump pumps, some homeowners would find another type that is also among the best and this is the water powered sump pump. This is very practical if your water supply is through a municipal water which coursed through a valve and suction to occurs. This is going to be a perfect backup to your existing sump pump since the suction would pull the water directly out of your sump hole and out from your home without requiring electricity.

If you are planning to install a backup sump pump into your home, be reminded to make sure that the one you choose will not interfere with the operation of yoru regular sump pump.

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